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First of all we determine the area you would like to cover.

For example a typical gym would be 72 ft wide by 102 ft long.

Floor Guardian material is made in 6 ft width.

You would need 17 rolls of Floor Guardian 6 ft wide and 72 ft long to cover this area. We usually make the rolls sizes to fit the shortest length - In this example 72 ft.

The shorter rolls give you more flexibility in setting up a portion of your gym, allowing you to set up one end for smaller meetings and still be able to use the other area for sporting activities.

Many clients have more than one facility, or share Floor Guardian with other facilities, or rent their Floor Guardian, and want to make the Floor Guardian easy to transport between facilities.

There are two main reasons Floor Guardian is made in 6 ft width:
   1)  Floor Guardian can be easily stored standing on end.
   2)  Floor Guardian can be easily moved under a doorway or into an elevator using a
standard hand truck.

One person can move and set up the rolls - there is no need for a rack system to hold and store Floor Guardian.

Once we determine the size and number of rolls you will need then we can select the color. Floor Guardian comes in 9 standard colors.

If you wish, you can order all one color, or any combination of colors - this will not affect the pricing.

We determine the amount of material you will need and where we will be delivering the material, and we will give you a set cost per sq ft.

This cost will include everything you will need for a complete Floor Guardian system delivered to your facility.
  When placing an order for a Floor Guardian system a 50% deposit is required.

We then set a delivery date for your rolls - usually 4 to 6 weeks if we do not have inventory.

Floor Guardian is delivered directly to your facility from the factory.

A Floor Guardian representative will meet the material at your facility to do a final trimming and set up.

The material is always shipped with a little extra length, and we do a final cut and add on end caps where needed to make sure everything fits your gym.

We then show your staff the best way to set up, take down, and maintain the Floor Guardian system and answer any questions they may have.

We want to make everyone comfortable using the system - word of mouth is our best advertisement.

Please contact us and we will help you determine what size rolls you will need, and the best configuration for your facility