Floor Guardian

Sustainable gym floor protection made in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic bottles.

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Over 25 years of happy clients

FloorGuardian is a Seattle-based company that has manufactured FloorGuardian gym floor protection for over 20 years. We are the sole manufacturer of the only roll-carpet-based gym floor protection system on the market. We manufacture it, sell it, and install it and stand behind it for 7 years.

FloorGuardian is the inventor of recycled, rolled gym floor protection. Almost 30 years of happy clients that vary from schools, universities, churches and convention centers. Our product has never let a client down and has proven itself over and over again as the best choice in floor protection.

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Anti-microbial & stays strong

Floor guardian is a carpet-like material that lays flat on the floor eliminating the trip hazard associated with plastic and vinyl tarps. It is 1/4” thick providing a cushion against chair, staging, and high heel damage. It is also an excellent acoustical barrier for large, open areas.

The pieces are easy to clean and maintain by the customer or it can be professionally mantained by Chem-Dry. Floor Guardian rolls are laid out side by side. The seams are tightly held together using reusable 4” wide Velcro strips which make the floor monolithic.

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